Change individual damper on Epson 7890


How do you take out the individual damper from the damper assembly? Do you pull it hard or is there a release button?


It does not come out easy and when one damper needs to be replaced, generally all of them do. I suggest getting the unit. Also remember to order the 0-rings replacement as these do not come with “ink selector” unit anymore.



But how do they come out? Pulling hard?


Epson printers are not “meant” to be replaced by us mortals. But it’s simple if you follow the instructions.

I’m PMing you the maintenance manual.



Thank you so much for the service manual

I have gotten to the part shown in the picture attached.

However I cant get the individual dampers out. How do I do that?



As I said before, you need to really get the entire unit. I can’t help you beyond that. Open Discussion is not a repair forum. That is only for IJM customers in the IJM Tech Support portions of this site.