Change in cart design for 7880

Hi guys

Recently I bought a new cart for the VM channel in my 7880, as the installed cart was leaking every time I took it out to refill it or reset the chip.

The design of the new cart is quite different. It’s about an inch longer, and internally, it’s obviously constructed differently: a bag in a box. Whch you know, of course.

I don’t have any problem with any of this - I haven’t installed it yet, but I’m about to do so as ink needs a refill. I’ve got as far as filling it with ink and it’s obvious that it’s not going to be nearly as easy to visually check ink level as it is with the old carts. I’m just wondering: what’s the reason for the change?

I also noticed straight away that the new cart has no branding (my original set was branded as Vermont Photoinkjet), and is labelled bilingually in English and Chinese. As I live in Hong Kong, this is something I frequently see from products coming out of China. Are these new carts your exclusive design? Are they labelled that way because you’re getting them manufactured in China? And (with tongue firmly in cheek) will the Donald allow you to continue doing so?


Hey Nick. This is a new cartridge design by a manufacturer that we visited and worked with. It’s not exclusive to us but it is validated by us. It works better than the previous design.