Carts for 9880 220 or 350 ml?

Hi there,

I have seen that on the international site of inkjetmall you sell bottles for the 9880 in 220 ml only. Are the carts you sell for this printer of 240 ml or 350 ml? I only bought two in the past, and they came way bigger than the original Epson carts, I think with a volume of 350 ml. As such, I have the inkjetmall carts sticking out of the carts unit (the doors need to be left opened).

I am about to buy inks for the 9880 and I wonder whether it is ok to have these big carts you sell (350 ml) filled only partially with 220 ml of ink, or whether it is better to start with them completely filled (350 ml of ink).

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The 9880 carts are just over 220mL but if you are doing initial fills I suggest getting 350mL, running the conversion, and then top off the carts after.


Hi Walker,

I am going to buy the Selenium P2 HD system for the 9880. The reason is I am interested mainly on printing digital negs, and eventually on printing on MATT paper. For what I have seen, if I select the Pro inks I will only be able to print on gloss paper (with the 9880). Therefore, I do not need really to have different tonings…Selenium tone is good to me. Then, I suppose if I want to use the PiezoDN system like I used it already, then I am good to go with the P2 HD inks. I think now QTR has included some improvements to solve the problems the new SC-P printers had, right?

Now, I see on the international website of inkjetmall that the maximum amount of ink P2 Selenium HD that you sell is 200 ml. Could you please update the site with the option of 350 ml? I would prefer to do like you recommend.

I intend to buy piezoflush and a set of carts for the 9880 too, doing two init fills and then filling it with the P2_Selenium inks… i suppose that will help cleaning the whole system.

As for the carts, see here below the carts I got when I bought two for Cone color inks from you… they seem to be way bigger than the original epson carts (that are 220 ml if I am not wrong). Are you sure these fillable carts are of 220 ml too and not 350 ml? They seem really big to me and leave quite a lot of room when I filled them with the 220 ml of Cone colour inks…


To end with, since I am going to buy the new inks as soon as you update the website, is it possible that I read something about an incoming offer for Memorial Day, or did I read that somewhere else? It would be a pity ordering right now and missing an offer for a couple of days, particularly when I am going to order quite a lot of things.

Thanks again for your help Walker,