Carts do not seem to use any fluid at all even with Ink Charge

Hi there,
I have a recently purchased used 4900. It had been sitting a while and is clogged.
Purchased carts and Piezo Flush, filled them up primed the cartridges,
Purchased the Epson Service Program ran an ink charge let it sit for 48hrs
Ran another ink charge then printed a nozzle check and nothing - blank page with only a yellow and light black misfiring all other colours blank - full clog
Vent holes open on carts
Fill hole plugged up and definitely carts have been primed…
I ran a nozzle test before changing to Piezo Flush and I did have more colours firing and now blanked out…scratching my head here folks!

Here is what is strange I have now done at least 7 ink charges and the fluid in all the carts has barely gone down at all? Is this normal? The panel shows ink almost out and I have reset the carts already once but should not the cleaning fluid level be going down?
What governs the ink draw? The pump?
Are these carts pressurized at all?
This printer was barely used - only has 200 prints on it so while yes the head could be permanently clogged I still need to know why the cart levels do not seem to be going down at all.
In the service program there is an Ink Eject & Ink Charge then a Tube Cleaning & Ink Charge. The Tube cleaning section has where you can clean in pairs but I selected all colors. Does anyone know if an ink charge is an ink charge or do these differ in any way?

Any advice would be most appreciated.



Your cleaning assembly pump has failed (this is the most faulty part on the printer). has the part.


Thanks Walker! I came to the same conclusion last night… thanks all the same :slight_smile: