Cartridges problems

Our Inkjet Mall cartridges aren’t fitting into our Epson 7600 Printer. We noticed air bubbles in three lines. We thought they’d come from the damper end, but instead, we saw bubbles coming from the end where the cartridges are. We took an original epson cartridge and noticed it’s about 1/8” higher than the Inkjet Mall cartridge if you factor in the height of the dogs on the front of the epson cartridge. We cut some pieces of plastic to elevate the inkjet mall cartridges and they locked in pretty nicely. So, we’re going to try to "power clean” the system again to rid the lines of air bubbles and see what happens. We understand a power clean consume much less ink than an init fill, but is it putting more strain on the print head? Also, If the cartridges are the problem have you improved their size. We’d be happy to buy another set. Thanks, Lilla

We have never been able to = the size of the OEM carts because the actual shape is patented and we do to want to anger the beast here . . . but please let us know if that fixes the spike seal issue. It’s important to prime everything as well . . .


Thanks Walker, we’re going to do some more things today and hopefully figure it out but in order to push the air bubbles out of the lines to confirm where the bubbles are coming from, we’re conflicted about whether to do a KK2 cleaning or an init fill, any advice there?