Cartridges of 9880 - with bag or no bag?

I see on a manual on the inkjetmall website that there are two kinds of refillable carts that are offered for the epson 9880: with bag and with no bag. For what I understand, those with no bag allow the liquid to be seen and seem to be easier to prime - get rid of air inside. Is this correct?

On the store, however, only one kind of carts are offered for sale… Which are the ones being sold for the 9880?

I have also heard that you were preparing for releasing a newer kind of carts… Is this going to happen for the 9880?

By the way, we intent to buy refillable carts for the 9880 either for piezoflush (long term storage) or for cone inks.

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The current cartridges we are selling are non-bag. The bag instructions are there for the customers who have bought the bagged carts previously.

Both styles of cartridge work well and prime the same way although the non-bagged version shows levels much better.