Cartridge Won't Read

I just acquired an Epson 4000 printer, complete with piezo flush in refillable cartridges. When I fire it up, I got an error on the magenta cartridge. I’ve pulled it out and re-inserted it many times. One time, I got it to read, but after turning off the machine, it’s back to “set ink crtg” message. I tried putting a small spacer beneath the cart to boost it up a little (something that worked on my old 4880) but no luck. What can I do?


Most likely the very small (and fragile) ink sensor wire connector for that ink bay channel (for right top back) is bent. You’ll need a new CSIC connector from

There are various posts on this forum about CSIC connectors. It can be a pain to replace but the part itself is about 2 bugs only.