Cartridge with new battery not recognised by R3000


In response to this Epson message I replaced the battery with a good one (checked with a voltmeter), and tried inserting it twice in case I’d put it in the wrong way or with a poor contact. Same message. No change after switching off and disconnecting for about 10 minutes. I did try cleaning the contacts too.

I bought my carts late 2013 or early 2014 from our local supplier here in New Zealand, so they might have been sitting around for a while before then. Does this sound like the cart or chip needs replacing? Is there a lifespan to the chip?

If it’s the chip, do I get the replacements direct or through the local supplier?



It sounds like the chip itself has gone bad if the battery replacement doesn’t fix the problem. I am not sure if your local supplier has replacement chips or not, that is a question to ask them directly.

Chips last approximately 1 year after installing this includes battery style chips, they are not made to last. We recommend replacing refillable cartridges every 2 years in addition to chip replacement every year. If you have been using these cartridges since 2013, then you would be coming up on that 2 year mark. Chip technology changes over time and what’s currently available for carts/chips may be different that what you are currently using, if this is the case, you might consider a new cartridge set up OR an entire set of chips, instead of just 1 at a time.

Hope I helped answer your questions,

Thanks for that.

I think I’d better go for a new cartridge set as both are around there expiry time.