Cartridge not being recognized by pro 4000

Yesterday, I used my p4000 Epson printer without issues.
Today, I turned it on and the printer didn’t recognize 3 ink cartridges-all of which are your manufacture.
This is not the 1st time this has occurred. Actually, it happens quite often. I have to fiddle with the cartridges( place cardboard in various places, etc.) multiple times b4 they are recognized by the printer.

The difference today is that after a lot of fiddling around, I’ve managed to get all BUT one to be “seen” by the printer.
It happens to be the CYAN ink Cartridge.

Guess I’ll have to order a replacement chip.

But, that’s not really going to solve the problem since it’s the cartridge mold that really is the culprit. They are not manufactured properly and just don’t fit well in the printer.
Frankly, after all the headaches, with these 3 cartridges, I really don’t think I can recommend your product nor buy any additional ink cartridges from your company.


If you have OEM cartridges, I suggest taking the chips off of them and putting them on your refillable cartridge (carefully). This is how I got around sensor issues with this printer (and the 4880s) when I was a customer for about 10 years before I worked here. With OEM chips I almost never had a problem and they reset with the resetter without issue. I believe, on this printer you can even TURN OFF the chip sensors entirely (not sure however, you could do this on the 9600 and I think the firmware on this printer is very similar). I did occasionally have to fit a shim at the bottom of a cartridge to keep it in place if I moved the ink levers up and down (well worth the effort for being able to save on ink and use all of the ink). These cartridges are intentionally a tiny bit loose so as not to harm the internal sensor on this model which is very very delicate. If we made them tighter there is a good chance they could damage the printer because the carts could over-step the sensor (there is about 1.5mm of play behind the sensor wires) and then bend a wire when the cart is pulled for refill. The cartridges also have to be just slightly different in dimension than OEM cartridges for legal reasons.

The thing I suggest is to put an OEM chip on the cartridge and try that. If you don’t have an OEM chip, we’ll send you a replacement CYAN cartridge.


Thanks for the quick response. I do not have an OEM.
I would very much appreciate your sending replacement chip.

Advise if you need my shipping address. Although, your records should already have it.

I think I received an incorrect chip resetter. On one of my orders for ink and cartridge I ordered a chip resetter for the Epson Pro 4000. I received an ACC-RESET-LF USB. The instructions inside the box show a different type (Manual WT -080 ) than the one I received. The one I actually received has a USB cable.
What would I connect the USB to???

Disregard my previous question. I finally figured it out