Cartridge failure.... or something else?

I have an odd problem that I thought the IJM user group may have seen before or have some suggestions for correction…

Here is the configuration:

  • 7880 with PiezoPro inkset (PK and GCO)
  • Last 6 months primarily printing negatives; did make some piezography prints in late June
  • ink levels @~25%
  • four bag style carts (LC, LK, C, M) and four chamber style carts (LLK, LM, PK/MK, Y)

My printing / maintenance workflow:

  • prior to a days print session (or once in the morning and once after lunch) I do a nozzle check
  • carts are gently shaken every 1 - 2 weeks
  • wiper blade, capping station, and flushing box regularly checked and cleaned with piezoflush

Here is the problem:

  • in the last few weeks after running a nozzle check the C and M positions show missing horizontal lines (all other channels are perfect). After running a cleaning cycle, or two or three over a 45 minute period – waiting ~15 minutes between cleanings – the problem sometimes goes away, sometimes gets worse.

  • I have also encountered (twice now) where the entire channel was completely blank. In removing the C cart I noticed that the cart had lost prime; after re-priming the cart returned to functioning normally.

When I initially installed these carts with PiezoPro they were filled (and in the case of the bag carts any air was removed per the instructions). The instructions say that bag style carts need to be filled completely (and they were initially) but it is not practical to keep them full while printing. And my LK and LC bag carts do not exhibit this nozzle check behavior. What are the indicators of a cartridge failure?

I am getting ready to top up the carts but before I do that I want to insure all are functioning correctly so I don’t have to suction out ink if one (or more) are failing.

It appears from the photos on the IJM site that the empty carts for this series printers are now the bag style only?

thank you!

If your cartridge is the bag-style and filled from the back (as indicated on our website photos) and not holding prime than you most likely need to put an o-ring to put around the pressure inlet stem. Give Wells a call and we’ll get you sorted.

If the the cartridge is filled from the top (what we are actually currently selling, sorry our website needs to be updated) than it is probably more of a pressure problem with those two ink cartridge bay slots or the air pressure pump.