Cartridge Errors

Jeff, why did you go try a 1430 after dedicating a 3880 to PZ.

Can anyone tell me if I will have the same problems with color inks in the 2400 as I am having with Piezography inks? I assume the answer is yes, but I thought it would be prudent to ask before deciding my next move.

You wrote: “yes, it was working with OEM carts prior to just before switching inks. The printer sat unused for maybe two weeks prior to the switch”

Sorry, I meant with the refillable cartridges using your color inks rather than Piezography inks.

Yes I think so. Probably the same issues but slightly less visible.

Sorry, I should have explained. I move between two places, and wanted to be able to print in both. I was quite happy to be only able to do matte in one place, hence the 1430. It is easy to hibernate with flush carts, and easy to use to try different ink sets. It seemed like an ideal solution, until I tried it. With four sets of carts, I could not get a consistent nozzle check. On one occasion, I had ink running out of the cart as I removed it.

I was probably unlucky but, after my 2400 experience, I will now move a 3880 between locations. I guess that the inks will get a good shaking along the way as it is a 500K trip each way.

Don’t mean to hijack this thread, but where can you purchase a R2880 Refurb Kit?

Found it at Compass Micro!

Is this the “ink system assembly (pump/cap/wiper)”? If not, then would you mind sharing a link?

Yes. That’s the part that costs $48.78 (US)
A copy and paste of the link, just takes you to Compass Micro’s search page.

Hmmmm, well that’s not all that expensive. Although I’ve always been suspicious of the print head as the cause of my R2880 problems, that kit is cheap enough that it’s worth a shot. (I know Kelly tried that on the old IJM R2880, I’m not convinced that that particular printer was representative, as from the description it sounded pretty old and neglected and abused, and not like mine.)

If you try to replace this yourself, I’d be interested in a report on how you found it and how long it took.

I’m gonna buy the kit and put it on the shelf. My 2880s are refurbished and still in the box from Epson. I expect it will be a good long time before I actually attempt this repair. Sorry…