Cart will not reset on R1800



After refilling all carts, the “yellow” cart will not reset using the reseting tool. The resetting tool works fine on other carts. Luckily I had an extra full set of carts so I filled the yellow cart from that set and was able to complete the print run I was working on. Is there a way to fix what appears to be a faulty chip on the “yellow” cart?


How long have you had the carts? And did the chip get any ink on it? This can short it out (also static can).

Also, does this chip have a battery in it? (aka, It’s reset with essentially a fancy paperclip and not the larger resetter device). If this is a battery style chip, the battery could be dead or just miss-placed (they do go dead over time). I generally start by taking the battery out in the back and putting it back in. This tends to revive these chips if they are battery-type.

We sadly no longer support this printer with chips/carts.



Firstly, the cart is from Inkjet Mall and is just a month or so old. It set Okay the first time I installed it. After refilling, it would not reset. All other carts in the group reset without any problem. It is only the yellow cart that refuses to reset using the reset tool. The reset tool works fine on other carts. Although I did remove the cover from the reset tool just to see how difficult it would be to change the battery in future. It doesn’t seem to be that simple as the battery is not visible by simply removing the cover. Since the tool is working fine on all other carts, I made no attempt to disassemble it further to get access to the battery.


Dear Jay. Replacement coming to you in the mail.



Thanks so much!