Cart recognition problems and Yosemite issues

I am using a Epson R3000 printer with Cone Inks and InkJetMall carts. I recently began having problems with carts not being recognized when I go to print. It always involved the PK cart and occasional the LC cart. I am instructed to open and close the ink compartment door and this normally fixed the problem for the current printing session. I have tried removing and replacing the affected carts but the problem always returns within a day or so. The carts are not empty, all are over 1/2-2/3 full.

Second issue: I am using a MAC and am still on OS-X 10.9.5 and am reluctant to upgrade to 10.10 (Yosemite) because of rumors of Epson forcing a firmware upgrade which precludes the use of any 3rd party cart. Do you have any information on this. Yosemite definitely requires a new Epson driver which is downloadable from Apple.

Hi Johnny~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the R3000 refill carts in Dec 2013. Based on the age of the carts, and your explanation, I believe you’re dealing with old chip batteries, which have a limited life of about one year. We have information about chip batterie, and how to replace them, here:, and sell new batteries or chips with new batteries here:

I haven’t personally used 10.10 yet, but know a few customers have reported using it with good results, though will need to check back to see what printer models + print drivers they’re using, and test for myself to check cartridge function, as well as color and Piezography printing.

** Anyone using Mac 10.10, please feel free to share your experience **

Best~ Dana