Cart Reading Low but Not

Hello… my LLK cart (GO) is reading low but it is not. I resent the chip, got my green bleep, but it still reads as low. So far it’s not an issue but if I need to do a cleaning it will be. How can I get the cart to show it’s true state or resent it to full so the Epson 7890 will not see it as low?



It seems like your chip resetter is not actually resetting. You are sure it’s the chip resetter and no the waste ink tank resetter that you are using?

If it is the chip resetter and it’s not resetting the chip, you need to order a new chip. They are available at


My bad Walter! I was not resetting properly and only getting a blinking green. I have a full green indication now and all is well. Sorry to trouble you, lesson learned!