Cart not recognized

Hi, I do have the battery carts and they have been installed more than a year, I think. Reading in the forum, I see that you have carts now that do not have batteries. Is it a good idea to order these new carts so that the annual battery replacement does no be a hassle? Some of my inks are getting low, and I am thinking of buying them one color at a time as they get low, but then the freight will eat me alive, right? Right now I have Yellow , VLM and LC not being recognized. I am assumming that this is a low battery issue. What battery?Energizer 377?

If you do get new carts, don’t toss the old ones. If you ever need to do an initial fill (for example, if you need to do a power clean on an R3000, the closest method is to do an initial fill), it won’t do it if your batteryless carts are below a certain level. You can always reset a battery chip cart, then do an initial fill.

Of course, IJM will be in a better position to advise you about whether to update your carts or not.

By the way, with the unrecognized carts, I get that once in awhile. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

  1. make sure you are getting a good voltage (at leat 1 V) accross the reset terminals. If you cannot get enough voltage, check the battery. If the battery is good, clean the electrical contacts of the chip that contact the battery.
  2. when resetting, sometimes you have to try a few times.


You can replace the chips without having to replace the actual cartridges. HOWEVER, I’ve found it helpful to have multiple sets of cartridges available.