Cart leak

I added ink to a cart (and when I pulled the syringe it seemed to have some serious suction) and when I plugged it into the printer it emptied itself all over the floor. I cleaned everything up, refilled the cart, plugged it in again and it did it again. Help? I’m worried my printer is ruined. I have the 7890.

I am not certain I understand. Did you add ink to the cartridge with the syringe? When did the serious suction occur and what do you mean by serious suction?

Sorry…never used these forums…need to explain better. I filled the cart from the other end, let it sit, then pulled the air out with the syringe. What I noticed that I haven’t noticed before, was that the pulling was REALLY hard, and it makes me wonder if it made it “siphon” too much out of the cart when I set it in? Then I thought I was overfilling it somehow…so after losing the ink… I filled it up about 2/3. Did the same process and the ink emptied onto the floor again. Could the seal for the hole where it plugs into the printer be punctured or something?

The carts should not be leaking like that to be sure. So please stop using it!

You funnel filled it from one end - and then you used the priming tip on a syringe to prime the cart. When you primed it, did you remove the orange protector cap that is on the air hole below the point where you inserted the syringe, or did you prime it with the orange protector cap still on?

My carts do not have orange protector caps.

Sorry, I just looked up your account and you are using carts from 2012. They are an older model than what we currently sell.

Are you just getting around to installing them? Or have you been using them and this is a new problem?

It sounds to me like the internal bag ruptured. This cartridge should not continue to be used. You can combine our current model (without bags) to those which you are currently using - and simply replace it.

If in the future you feel this same phenomena with a bag filled cart - I would not apply too much pressure. Let us know if you have another cart that feels that way and we can review your priming method.

Let me know if you need more help.

No…I’ve had them awhile. I have refilled a number of times, no issues whatsoever until now. I will order a new cart and more ink. There is ink(now dried) at the back of the printer in where the cart snaps in…anything I need to do or should know about?

Hi Anne~

The old internal bag carts used an old priming technique with just the syringe tip (without the priming tip we use now). Where did the cart leak from- the exit valve or air inlet point? Do you see ink in the plastic body of the cart (around the bag)? If ink is out of the bag/in the plastic cartridge body, and came out the air inlet point- then the bag is ruptured, BUT if ink came out the exit valve, then I suspect the exit valve seal was damaged while priming, in which case I recommend you get the new priming tip tool to use on your syringe when priming carts in the future.

Warmly~ Dana