Cap Assembly Replacement?



Dana mentions in her 9880 maintenance video that Epson recommends the cap assembly be periodically replaced, along with the dampers, flushing box and wiper blade. My cap assembly seems to be working fine for now, but with an eye to keeping my 9880 running as long as possible I’d like your advice.

Cap assemblies apparently are now available only from eBay/China for $130, so would it be prudent to buy one while they are still available? What are the symptoms that a cap assembly has failed, or is about to fail? Only then would I be inclined to replace it, unless you advise differently.

Thanks in advance,



Most likely the cap assembly is from the same factory that was contracted to make the OEM part in the first place and now that Epson is no longer “stocking” the item, it’s open on the free market.

I suggest buying and keeping it as a backup part. We have printers at Cone Editions Press (sister company of IJM) that have original heads that have gone strong for 8 years (with all sorts of crazy ink through them) because the dampers and cleaning assemblies were maintained and preemptively replaces (every 1 to 2 years).