Can't remove cart from 3800

I think that someone was me, and I think I did what you are suggesting once using a letter opener when one was being especially stubborn. Just be very careful and gentle.

Walker may have a better idea though.

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I received a new chip for an ink cart for a 3800 because the old chip would not stay flush in the cart. (The printer recognized the cart just fine.) Now I can’t get the cart out of the printer.

Someone suggested wiggling it. I’ve done that carefully with no luck on this cart, though it worked on the other carts that seemed stuck. Any other suggestions for tricks I could try without damaging the printer? What could go wrong if I stuck a blade in over the top of the cart to hold the chip down while I extracted the cart? Bad idea?



Push down on the release lever. keep it held down gently. At this point you can pull the cart out.