Can't print color

My setup is a Mac OS v.10.13.4 with an Epson 7800 and Cone HD Color inks and Print Tool, PS and LR.
The problem is that my prints are coming out B/W when I am trying to print in color.
This problem seemed to start when I installed the color icc profiles from IJM. The profiles were for 3800 since there were none for 7800 but I understand that the 3800 profiles can be used instead. After the profiles were install, the QUAD7800 printer packet installed. When the icc profiles were installed the profile first aid window opened and I had to run verify and repair routine.
Now I cannot print a color image. I have tried printing from Print Tool but the color icc profiles cannot be found. Attempts to print color from PS and LR with their drivers also produced B/W prints even using profiles provided by the paper companies. I have made sure the proper printer name was selected when printing. The color icc profile are not in Library/color Sync/profiles and I cannot find them elsewhere except when trying to print through LR. If I from LR by clicking on color matching, then color sync the drop-down menu shows the color icc profiles (CCK3-3800-paper), yet the print is still B/W. If I click on color matching and then QTR option, there are no profiles choices and the print is also a B/W.
I’m lost in a digital jungle. How do I clean things out and get Cone Color Pro with icc profile proper setup properly?

Dear Michael. You have the Cone Color Pro inks? There is no need for QuadtoneRIP. QTR is only for monochrome printing. Download the Epson driver and install it and add your printer like normal. The ICC profiles to print with are here:


I am using Cone Color Pro inks with HD black in the 7800 printer.
Finally I solved the problem of printing only in b/w. I deleted all printers from System Preferences. Turned off the printers. Then emptied the cache in Library followed by deleting Photoshop, Lightroom, Print Tool and QTR. After shutting down the computer all the programs and printers were re-installed. I can now print in color on the 7800 printer. Now I just have to re-install the 4880 for my b/w printing.