Can't get IPP address of P400

I am trying to install P400 curves, with a printer connected via ethernet cable. When I run the installer, I get a message in Terminal (Mac), that says:
For network printers, please enter an IPP address for your printer.
The address is a 4 part number such as
Enter IPP number or to cancel:
I’ve looked in all the usual places for the IPP address, and can’t find it, including System Info, printing a test page, Network Preferences.
Please help

I may have found the IP Address using EpsonNet Config, (, but when I run the curves installation, I get an error message in Terminal: ALERT! **** Unable to create curve folder /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone/QuadP400-Pro ****

On my 9800 … I go to the back of the machine … to the card that the ethernet cable plugs into the machine. There is a little black button. Press it and a page of info will print out … one of the lies will have the IPP address. Also of note every once in a while the machine will change this number … and you can not communicate with the printer … and have to press the little black button … get the new number and reinstall.

You could look at the DHCP table on your router, which should list your printer. BTW I thought you had to run all the special commands on Epson printers from a Windows emulator (Boot Camp, Parallels or VM Ware) on a Mac.

Walker can you help with this problem of not being able to install the curves?

This is how you do it.

  1. Plug your printer into ethernet.
  2. Find the printer the normal way by going to Printers & Scanners, hitting +, and looking for it to pop up.
  3. You will see the IP address in the name of the printer.
  4. Type this IP address in when you run the install command.

You may want to re-install quadtoneRIP before doing any of this if you are getting permission issues. Re-installing QTR fixes permissions.


That was the first place I looked for the IP address, and here is what it looks like:

However I found it using the EpsonNet Config utility.

I reinstalled QTR, and could then install the curves successfully.

Now, however, I have another major problem. I will create a separate post, since it is a different topic.