Can't get cartridges to install in Epson 3800

I have just filled my 9 replacement cartridges with Piezoflush and tried to install the cartridges into the 3800. They won’t go! The original old Epson cartridges install fine. Early today I did post that one of the cartridge’s provided chips would not seat. This is not the problem with the other 8. They are flush with the top of the plastic.

I thought perhaps I needed to try to seat the cartridges a bit more firmly. Now I have one stuck in the printer.

Any idea how to get a stuck cartridge out? Or the rest of them in?

On my 3880 I sometimes have to wiggle a cartridge up and down while pressing lightly on the release lever for a few seconds until it eventually releases.

Never had a problem with inserting though, so not sure what you mean there. Maybe post a picture or 2 to show what you are doing. Also to see if your carts are different than mine.



Hey Keith, thanks for getting back to me. I did end up wigging the stuck cart out.
Attached are pictures of the Inkjet Mall and the Epson cartridges for comparison. I’ve also included a picture of the carts in place, showing an example of how the new ones stick out and won’t go in any further.

I am surprised how different the ink ports are on the two different brands of cartridges.

One more picture.IMG_0739

You do know that the orange rubber cover on the vent needs to be removed before inserting the Inkjetmall cartridge, don’t you?

Ha,ha,ha! How embarrassing! Absolutely embarrassing. So glad I posted a picture, and you all looked. I had carefully put the orage plugs back on after filling the carts. Well, the carts all fit in now, though the ones where the green chips aren’t quite flush were a little hard to get in.

I’d love to say that I’ll never have to post anything again, except when I can help someone else, but…

I sleep in a little and miss the fun! Glad it was something simple though. :wink:

Most comical!! Sometimes I think that problem-solving is half the fun of getting something new.