Can't export .csv values from Color Munki's Photo Color Picker

In Color Munki’s photo color picker (Windows ver., I can read swatches, create a palate and export it, but my only options are:

  1. Adobe Photoshop File (*.aco)
  2. Adobe InDesign Files (*ase)
  3. Corel Painter Color Files (*colors)
  4. CxF2 Files (*.cxf)
  5. CxF2 Compressed Files (*.cxfz)
  6. Quark XPress Files (*.qcl)

What am I missing? can any of those be opened by Excel?

I found that you can export a CxF2 file and open that in excel. There are tones of columns, but he LAB values are there.

I believe you export CGATS this is a csv