Can't decide between K7 and Pro inks for my 7900

So I have decided to convert my 7900 with clogged Black channel to piezography. I don’t understand how the optimiser is applied with the K7 inks. Is it a second pass after the initial print is made? How do I prevent the print being guillitined before this is done? How is this programmed into the software? I like the idea of the Pro inks having the optimiser applied at the same time but am a little wary of remapping the channels.
Thanks in advance. H

Pro is the way to go. K7 requires a second pass and this can be difficult with the x900 platform (a search of this site can attest to that).

Video on remapping:


Thanks Walker.



Isn’t there going to be a one-pass version of K7 & K6?

Yes. In fact this year for neutral and hopefully a new carbon as well. But that date is undetermined.