Canon ImageProGraf Pro-2100 Pros/Cons and Will InkJetMall continue selling inks for it, or discontinue it soon ?

Hi all,
I’m considering picking up the above Canon Pro-2100 printer, and was wondering if anyone out there has one and what their opinions are about it. Does not having postscript capabilities make it more difficult to use ? We’ve never used a RIP before so, it’s a concern. Printer rating ? Print quality ? Printer reliability ? Ink usage good (ie : same as an Epson, or “uses less and looks better” ? Common faults / parts to have on hand ? Does it have user replaceable dampers ??

And looking at the ink (from IJM) for it, it comes pre-installed in cartridges, is it the same Cone Color inks in a Canon IPF-700 cartridge ? Are those refillable / chip resettable ? Maintenance tank resettable ?

Sorry for so many questions ! We’re reeling from having our 7880 “die” on us. And considering picking up one of these than sinking more money into the Epson, and somehow use up the rest of all that ink we just bought !

Thanks !

Dear David, this is thermal head ink. Totally different than our CCPRO ink as CCPRO has encapsulated particles that would ruin in a thermal head.


Hi Walker, thanks for the reply.

Is the IJM “thermal head ink” pigment ink or dye ?
One of the reasons we’re looking at it is because the Pro-2100 inks seem to be %20 less than the Cone Color inks for the 700ml carts. Should this be a consideration or just get an Epson P6000 so we can use up all that Cone Color Inks w recently purchased ? Or just spend a bit and get the 7880 working again ? the 7880 Nozzle check is pretty bad, but it may be compounded by the “not presurizing” air supply pump, not available from CompassMicro.

Have you used the Canon printer before ? any quirks or issues to contend with once installed ?

This is pigment based.

I suggest a P6000 personally. Much better gamut and much darker MK (black) ink.

Just replace the VM ink with VM HDX. That is important with the P6000.

Frankly the Canon printers are great. You are going to get a better print out of the P6000 though.

best regards

LOL I was afraid you might say something like that…
very much obliged for the info Mr. Walker !
I’ll be looking in that direction now.