Cannot reset cartridges with chip resetter

I have an Epson Photo R2880 printer with your refillable carts and I am using ConeColor Pro ink. When I purchased the carts and ink I also asked for a chip resetter. I have read your article on chip resetting and followed this instruction carefully and cannot get the chips to reset. I place the cart in the resetter and the red light comes on and never turns green. I was sent a new chip resetter and the same problem occurred. Now the red light will not come on. What am I doing wrong.

Same problem for me. Never turns green. Does turn solid red.

The resetter pins and chip contacts need to be properly aligned to properly reset. I know you have to push the cartridge firmly against the resetter guide for proper alignment (and make sure to use the correct guide, depending on what printer/cartridge model you’re using), but you can also visually align with the guide removed.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

So I got the carts to reset my ignoring the guide and visually lining up the chip with the resetter pins. PTA but I got the carts reset.

Hi Dana,
I’m having the same problem on my 9890 printer. I have changed the chips for yellow, VM, and MK. On the VM and MK the red light comes on and never turns green. I get a solid red instead. I had no problem with the yellow. Please advise