Cannot recognize the following ink cartridges(s)


I’m based in the UK, so ordered my ink and cartridges via Silverprint. I have a brand new (European) Epson SureColor SC-P800, which is working with the Epson cartridges it was boxed with.

When I try to install the Inkjet Mall cartridges, I get a ‘Cannot recognize the following ink cartridges(s)’ error message.

I have tried three different P800 printers (my new one, and two older ones) - and have also tried more than one Epson chip (in case the Inkjet Mall cartridges didn’t like Epson’s Installation cartridge chips), but I am getting the same error message in all of the printers, and with every Epson chip I try.

The Inkjet Mall cartridges have labels on the side that say that they are suitable for Epson’s 3800/3880/P800 printers, but I notice the chip on the top of the cartridge says ‘3880’. Could this be the source of the problem? It’s strange that it doesn’t like any of the carts…

Let me know how to proceed.

Best regards,

We do not supply cartridges for P800s outside of the North America region. We do not actually have any P800 cartridges. In North America, we supply a decoder board which must be installed to turn off the Epson chipset reading in which case, we can simply supply 3880 cartridges to the North American P800 printers.

We have this all over our webstores, so I am surprised you didn’t notice it! You will have to source EU version cartridges with chips for an EU version P800!



From your website:

‘Europe and China region P800 users can print with their choice of inks. North American region EPSON® SureColor P800 users must install our chip decoder board in order to be able to print with their choice of inks.’

I’ve been following the P800 issues for a long time via your newsletters. I have always read statements such as the above as implying that if I used a North American P800 I would need a decoder board to get the printer to accept the Inkjet Mall cartridges, but that European P800s did not suffer from the issue that rendered the decoder board necessary, and that I could therefore use a European P800 without any trouble.

For those of us outside of the US who might not notice your reply on this forum may I ask that you update your website to make explicit that although we do not need to buy the decoder board, your cartridges will not work for us, and we will need to purchase them elsewhere (despite statements elsewhere on the site advising that only your cartridges are recommended).

Thank you for the clarification.