Cannot recognize the following ink cartridge(s)

When I turn on my Epson P600 printer it gives me this error:
"Cannot recognize the following ink cartridge(s) Try Installing them again.
The Yellow and light magenta are marked with an “x”
There’s a proceed button on the printer screen I tap it then this screen comes up
“Open the cartridge cover, then replace cartridge(s)”
I do that, turn off the printer, turn it back on and get the same error message
Can someone help me?

Make sure the chips are no dirty, make sure they are seated right. If the carts were removed before the ink switch was removed they could be shorted. It’s worth it to get spread P600 chips in this situation or make your P600 use “chipless firmware”.


Thanks for the fast response. I been using something similar to this CISS for P600 printer - with priming syringes and funnels
You mentioned spread P600 and chipless firmware. how can I get that? can you send a link? what if I buy CISS for P600 printer again? is the best supplier IMO.

I don’t recommend the CISS as this is a less dependable solution than our over-sized cartridges.