Can you initialize R3000 with Inkjet Mall carts

I am moving my InkjetMall cartridges (purchased Aug. 2018) from my old R3000 over to a new (Epson-factory refurbished) R3000 I’ve had in storage (never used or initialized). Three of the carts were not initially recognized (worked fine in the old printer) so I had to replace their chips, but now the refurb printer accepts all the carts.

The new printer will not initialize. It starts to do so, and I hear familiar noises but then it goes to a higher pitched sort of “dry pump” (video at link below) sound for a few seconds, then stops and throws an printer error message. I’ve tried removing all the carts and unplugging everything for a few minutes (which starts the initialize process over again) with the same outcome several times. I can see no obstructions or obvious issues. I did have the right rear panel removed to install waste ink bottles exactly as I’d done on my previous R3000 but am sure i didn’t interfere with any of the mechanics. I have that panel off right now trying to hear where the noise is coming from but am uncertain.
18 sec video of the sound and error message
Do I have to initialize with factory cartridges or does this sound like some other problem? There was a similar question here back in 2016 (wondering if factory carts had to be used for initialization) but it was not fully answered whether that worked or not. I don’t have the factory carts but could probably get some if that is a known solution. Thank you for any help!

You can purchase the Epson R3000 adjustment program from for ten dollars that allows you to do an ink charge at any time. Here’s the specific web page:

Thanks, TimCC001 for the suggestion. I believe I am already in “ink charge” mode, it’s trying to do an initial ink fill every time I attempt, but the sound it’s making just after it starts the initial fill (and then the error message) makes me think there’s something mechanically wrong with the (new refurbished) printer. (Also I’m on a Mac so can’t run the adjustment program without some hurdles emulating Windows). I was trying to find out in this forum or from Inkjet Mall owners if it is OK to use the IJM cartridges to do an initial fill (to eliminate that as a possible issue). I have another R3000 printer (also new/refurbished) coming soon, I may try that one when it arrives. Thanks again for trying to help. I’ll report again if I get progress but any other suggestions from anyone are welcome.

Since I didn’t know what else to do, given that Epson repair options are limited in my area and that I was desperate to get some prints made, I found another refurbished Epson R3000 at Epson’s web site which arrived today. It came with new factory cartridges. I installed these in the non-working printer I already had. It did not solve the problem. So I put the IJM carts in the “new” refurb printer and it initialized fine, so to answer my own question for others who may want to know, yes, you can initialize an R3000 from the IJM cartridges.

I didn’t reply because I couldn’t say for certain that it would work on an R3000, but I would have expected it to, and would have been surprised if it didn’t. I’ve initialised earlier 13" printers with refillables.

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