Can InkThrift CL settle?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for welcoming me in the forum.

I have questions about InkThrift CL inks that I plan to use in my 3880 printer.
I have red on the forum that InkThrift can be used to flush the printer, because it is inexpensive.
Walker already told me InkThrift CL “are essential 1/2 dye 1/2 pigment(ized) inks”. So they’re more complex than a flush + dyes…
Then I’m not sure if settling can occur, if regular agitation is required to get constant results, and how long it is safe to store a printer unused with IT CL.

Thanks for your help.


Stefan Christiansen

IT CL is truly a dye ink with some properties that make it incredibly fade resistant. I wouldn’t get confused about my email to you. It really really won’t settle at all.

It can be used for cleaning a printer but it won’t soften dried/settled pigment particles as well as Piezoflush.


That clears my doubts.
Thanks a lot!