Can I replaced the OEM epson carts one at a time, mixing them with Conecolor carts


[B][I][U]I read that I have to replace all the OEM epson carts when moving to the conecolor Pro inks[/U][/I][/B]. I was amazed reading that because the carts instructions specify “that they can be installed one at a time as your Epson cart empty or as a complete set”. CAn you please clarify this for me ?


After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased ConeColor inks and 3880 refill carts. You can certainly install ConeColor inks one at a time with this model. Where did you read the inks have to all be installed at the same time?


Hi Dana
under this

read : under “Technology” subject : installation you can read


ConeColor ink is so compatible with Epson Ultrachrome ink, that you will not need to flush out the Epson inks before installing ConeColor. You can actually change one ink position at a time on the large format printers so that you do not need to waste any of your current ink supplies. [B][I][U]On the 3800/3880 printers, an entire set of Refillable carts must be installed at one time[/U][/I][/B]. It is possible with desktop printers to install one position at a time. What customers of ConeColor will experience is similar printing performance to that of Epson inks.

Thanks Dana


Thanks for bringing that to my attention Luc. That was true with the old model 3800/3880 refillable cartridges we used to sell, because the cartridges themselves worked together as a set, but is no longer true with the cartridges we currently sell. We have fixed that line to avid future confusion.

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