Can I create a profile to eliminate LLK


since my printhead is clogged? if YES I CAN… how… can anyone create a color profile for me or do I need to get a RIP application?


As I understand it a profile will not be able to skip one of the inks since profiles work on the data before it’s interpreted by the driver into instructions for the printer. You really need a custom print driver. What I was going to try (before finding out my 7900 prints with the 7890 driver allowing me to skip the bad orange head) was to create my own Gutenprint printer definition. From memory each Gutenprint driver has an ink definition file which should allow you to define a setup which skips an ink. I never got to trying it, but I suspect it could work. You would then need to profile the new printer. I’m on a Mac as well. I don’t know if Gutenprint works on Windows.


wow! I got 2 good tips! thanks I will explore gunterprint! will share my discovers


I think that it would work so long as no ink is coming out of the LLK channel, i.e. it’s completely blocked or you’ve put an empty refillable in there, because then the printer would be profiled like the old K2 printers (2100/2200). Of course printing like this would permanently kill that channel, if it’s not already.