Can a Printer with Piezoflush be left in freezing temps


I may “mothball” a printer in a place where the heat will be off. In the winter, it will be very cold and sometimes freezing. Is this a problem for the printer loaded with Piezoflush?


Nope. PF can take it.



PF may be able to handle freezing temps but liquids have a habit to expand and I’d be concerned about lines breaking or expanding to the point of rupture or inside other parts like dampers or what not.


I can’t go into much detail, but suffice-it-to-say PiezoFlush is not water and does not expand like water does. Of course you don’t want this in the Arctic in -50 F but it will be ok.

I’ve resuscitated over 5 epsons that have sat in North East barns during the winter.

Ink and PF is formulated to handle a wide temp range.