Calibration NEC spectraview ref pa301w

Hi, i have moved from Eizo 24" CG241W to an NEC 30" sprectraview reference PA310W

A big screen thats for sure, but i am not getting the same results as with my Eizo!

On my eizo in photoshop i could see all the was down to 2 on the RGB shadow checker, currently on the NEC i can only see down to 6.

I have done a few calibrations with the NEC Spectraview profiler 5 (basICColor) with spider 5, the setting used in spectaview profiler have been

color temp = D50
tonal response curve = gamma 2.2
luminance / contrast ratio = 85cmd - Black Luminance = Min
Profile type = 16 bit lut based
chromatic adaption = CAT02 (from CIECAM02)

Spyder 5 setting in spectraview profiler:
Monitor type = DC_WG_CCFL

This is recommend by basICColor

The spyder 5 is plugged into the NEC onboard usb port.

here are some screen shots from my latest effort.

The last image is a rerun of validation.

nex301-cal4-1 nex301-cal4-2 nex301-cal4-3

any thoughts?