Buying new inks to complete set for 9900 - compatibility with old inks


Hi Walker,

I finally got my 9900 running… and rather than using my 9880, I think I will go on using the 9900 for the digital negatives and keep the 9880 for colour work (it does not clog at all). My question is, I have for the 9900 carts with some remains of the Selenium piezography inks that I purchased a year ago, with the Piezo DN kit that I bought. It came with shades Matte Black shade 1, Photo Black shade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and GO.

Some of these inks had problems of pigment settling, some others are almost empty… I recently purchased from your guys a new batch of Piezo Selenium inks, Piezography2 / PiezoDN, Selenium tone, 220ml, set 8 (matte & glossy with HD options), for the 9880 (as my 9900 was dead). Now that I have decided to go on using the 9900, and as I had not installed those inks yet on the 9880, I would need to complete the missing inks for the 9900.

  • Tell me if I am wrong, but I suppose I would only need to buy some Shade 7 for the 9900, right?

  • Otherwise, Is the GO that I received with the last batch of Piezography 2 DN - HD inks for the 9880, the same I had on the 9900?

  • I would need to replace the old non-HD inks with the new HD inks… is it safe just to clean the carts with distilled water and replenish them with the new inks? Or can contamination still take place and you would recommend buying new carts for new inks?

  • Would it be recommended to throw away old inks if there is not much in the carts and I had big problems of pigment settling in the past? I would not like to refill bad stale inks with the new ones… and ruin them.

Thanks in advance,



Shade 7 is not required. It’s an optional ink and PiezoDN does not use Shade 7. The K6 HD curves are also more updated the the current k7 curves.


Yes. I think it’s important to use the HD-PK ink for negs at this point. It’s a very new carbon formulation with much less settling. Just empty old cart and put new ink in. They are compatible.



Thanks Walker for the clarifications. May I make sure of two things?:

  • I knew the shade 7 is not used for digital negs… but for printing on paper, are you saying that I’d better use the K6 HD curves rather than the current k7 curves?

  • Even if I experienced pigment settling in the carts, can I just empty the conventional black and refill with HD black with no risks of cross contamination? Same for the other inks? If I can avoid having to clean every single cart, much better…

Thanks again for the reactivity,


Yes. For now.

Yeah. no prob.