Bronzing on Canson Platine Rag

GO doesn’t seem to eliminate the bronzing. I print image with Quad 3880K7 neutral on letter half size Canson Platine Fibre Rag. Then dry for about 1-1/2 minutes with hair dryer. Then print 3000GO. I also printed another image and used the 35000GO. It did not seem to make any difference. I still had bronzing. Should I let printed images dry for 24 hours before applying GO? Any suggestions?

Are you using the same image that you used to print the inks when you print the GO?

Or are you using a pure white small tif file?

Jon…Your questions turned on the lights. I was not printing the 1x1 white square. I was only printing the GO curve without the white square. Thanks for what should have been obvious if I had read the instructions carefully.

Our workflow is very different than regular QTR workflow practiced by non-Piezography users. Piezography is actually incompatible with regular QTR workflow.

Piezography uses a very precise Gamma 2.20 workflow and is especially sensitive on Mac OS X (post 10.4). Any deviation from our instructions disrupts the linearization. And on Mac OSX, any deviation may result in your images being converted prior to printing. So, make sure that you are following our workflow to get the best results. Let us know if you have further questions.

@Jon: In another thread you gave some broad, starting-point recommendations regarding how much GO to apply to various papers, but Platine didn’t get mentioned. Do you have a ball-park starting number for GO on Platine?

I’ve found the 3000GO curve to work perfectly on Platine after the initial inking is dry (doesn’t have to be 24hrs but if you have the time it’s worth it to let it sit and harden.)

If you are doing the hair-dryer method before GO let it sit a few minutes before and after the hair-dry.


I too have good results with the 3000GO curve on a 2880 and R3000.

Thanks. I gave it a try and early indications are in line with your (pl) reports. Which is better than IGFS, where even 40K doesn’t remove bronzing to a sufficient extent IMHO.