Bronzing Blacks

Hi, everyone.

I have an Epson 38880 with the Cone Color Pro Inks in it.

I have some black and white photos I’m trying to print on a generic photo glossy paper (for proofing).

The deepest blacks in the images end up being printed with a bronze/blue cast.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I’ve tried to print with Photoshop managing the colours and the printer managing the colours - and get the effect with each. My best results - which isn’t saying much - is selecting perceptual and with no black point compression - but even then, I get the bronzing.

My working space is Adobe RGB, Gray Gamma 2.2.

Many thanks.

Hi David,

You could produce an ICC Printer Profile of this generic photo glossy paper and your gray balance will be greatly restored. That would improve the issue you are having in terms of a best practice solution.

It will be difficult to try and deal with it using color tools in Photoshop.

You might instead consider exploring the ABW portion of the Epson driver to try and eliminate the color inks… and focus more on the three blacks.

Kind regards,