Broken link to Other instructions (404 Page not found)


Hello, I recently purchased color inks and refillable cartridges for the 3800. The email I receved for my order has a broken link to “other instructions” at note: although the link to Piezography in the email works fine.

BTW, there were no printed instructions inside the box so I’m assuming I need to obtain it online.

Please provide the correct link to the refill instructions for the 3800.



FYI… I found fill instructions on the cartridge product page. However, you still might want to update the link in the email sent out to customers and post it here so that everyone can see all of the “other instructions”.


It is indeed a broken forward link! I will 301 redirect it in the morning to the correct page on Piezography.con

Thanks for the note,


Thanks, Walker! I am now able to successfully access that page. :grinning: