Brand new 9890 question

At our college, we’ve just had an Epson 9890 delivered. We won’t start using it until the summer, so I’ve unpacked and assembled it to be sure all parts are present and undamaged from shipping. I have not installed the ink, and will not until we can start using it. Now the printer is covered in a plastic tarp, sleeping in a corner until we start testing and using it in June. We have purchased a one-year extension on the warranty from Epson, and will almost surely buy a further year’s coverage in our new budget year. I have saved every scrap of packing material and the huge pallet used to ship this printer—so far. All that material takes a huge amount of space, even collapsed, and I would like to recycle it. Have other users had enough trouble with these printers that they would ship the thing back to Epson—if they had saved the packing materials? The shipping weight of a 9890 is 426 lbs., so only in the case of gross defects can I imagine returning it. Any warranty service provided by Epson will be provided here, and I’ll be learning to do some of the periodic maintenance that’s required. We are already familiar with—and using—some flush carts and PiezoFlush with our other printers, and I’ll be buying carts for the 9890 during the summer.

Can other huge printer users advise me here? Should I discard the packing materials?

It’s unlikely that you’d send the printer back. If there’s a problem, a service tech will work on it at your location, and if problems continue, they’ll keep coming back until it’s working well. I recommend discarding the packing materials since you have the extended warranty.

Best regards~ Dana

How could you possibly know that this was the answer I wanted to hear?:slight_smile: As always, thank you, Dana.

You are very welcome Jonathan :slight_smile:

Warmly~ Dana

A question for large-fomat Epson users: At our college, I need a system to allocate ink costs to people who have us print for them on our 9890. Do most of you use the actual ink consumption number that the printer panel reports about each job? Or, do you use an “average” number for ML’s of ink used per square inch or centimeter? Whichever one uses, there’s the question of additional ink consumed for nozzle checks and cleanings. When we compute ink costs to use our smaller 3800 / 3880 printers, we add 20% to cover ink consumed for these functions. Is that a good number for our 9890?