Bottle change?


Was refilling the pigment 3880 carts and noticed one of the pigment blacks was in a different bottle. The old one had the eyedropper nozzle; and the new one has no eyedropper nozzle, just a white plastic cap and covered with cardboard seal.

The old style was nice that I could plug the dropper nozzle right into the refill cart and avoid the syringe and cleaning stuff, but the new one I have to go back to using the messy syringe.

I just placed a new order and hope the refills come with the old dropper nozzle design. That or keep the old ones and transfer the new stuff back into the dropper bottles.




Hi Mack~

The silicone plugs look like a pour spout, and some people like to use them that way, though that wasn’t our intention. We recently started sealing bottle tops with an induction sealer, after experiencing a few bottles with silicone plugs leak during transit.
The silicone plugs are helpful for sealing bottles after opening, if the contents aren’t used all at once. I believe we plan to have the silicone nipples available separately, so people can purchase them to seal ink bottles after opening the foil seal, but I am checking to see the status of offering the plugs (I don’t yet see them listed on our website to order).

Thanks for your input Brian!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana


I too appreciated the rubber plugs. I had a different method though, which still used syringes. I would fill the syringe with the volume of AIR that I needed, then put the syringe without needle into the plug. A few presses later, and the syringe is full of that same volume of ink. Since you invert the bottle, you can easily get all the ink out.

I’m curious how one would get the last 1/4 of the ink out of the larger bottles with the foil seal… I was sad and annoyed to receive those on my most recent order. Cutting the foil and jamming a plug in just isn’t the same. Oh well, I have enough of them to not need to order more.


I use a syringe with 3" blunt tip needle to draw ink out of bottles, and tilt the large bottles to get the last bit of ink out.

You had an interesting syringe filling method, thanks for sharing.

Best~ Dana