Both black inks clogged P600


I’m getting ink out of all colors on my P600, but not from the two blacks. After repeated cleanings, I finally got stripes out of the MK, but repeated additional cleanings failed to open it all the way up.

I’d like to run PiezoFlush through those two channels, but I do not want to spent $225+ for an entire flush kit. Your sales staff says you don’t sell individual empty cartridges for this model. Is that true? If so, why not?

Any help? Or am I hostage to the situation?


Wait a few weeks on this, we will have individual (over-sized) cartridges for this printer soon.

Alternatively, you can look at this thread here: Using R3000 cartridges in P600



OK, thanks Walker. I’ll order R3000 PK and MK carts, P600 MK and PK chips and some Piezoflush and see if that works.


That should do it, however I would suggest you get the service/maintenance software from 2manuals (dot) com so you can do an initial fill. This will re-prime your K damper and ink line if there is air in there.