Book Binding

Dear All Experts,

I am not sure if this is the right place to post but I guess this is what a Misc should do.
I saw you did a giant book for photographer Jonathan Singer, and may I ask how did you do your binding?
One of my client is asking to make a B&W portfolio printed with K7 WTN with Moab Entrada double sided paper.
Each sheets of paper weight 300gsm and they are kinda thick. My client wants to make it in 50cm x 70 each page in landscape ( which is about 20" by 30")
Hope you will have an answer for my question.


Hi Aaron,

This was a suite of “double elephant” sized portfolios produced for permanent display in the Cullman Rare Book Room at the Smithsonian Institution. The suite was called Botanica Magnifica and it took us nearly three years to print. Cathy Cone produced it for the photographer, Jonathan Singer. There was some relationship to the original Audubon double elephant sized portfolios and are housed adjacent to them in the collection. The subject matter of all of the printed photographs is extremely rare botanicals. We did all of the printing at Cone-Editions on handmade Japanese papers using IRIS 3047 printers. These sheets, about 100 or so in each volume, were bound by Tini Miura in leather. She noted for her bookmaking and especially her work with leather.

The picture below was snapped of Tini Miura when we were installing the volumes at the Smithsonian.

I too am a bookbinder (and wannabe publisher).

My decision to use Cone ink solutions was finilized when I came across the inkjetmall article about this very series. From then forward, I have been on fire about Cone inks! Not to be wonky, but Jon Cone is a rockstar in my world.

Coincidentally, I am a student at the American Academy of Bookbinding (which Tina Miura cofounded).