Blocked nozzle pattern moves position Epson 4880


Hi IJM people.
I have been trying to resurrect the camera club printer ( they got it second hand and have no idea about its previous maintenance)
With copious PZF I managed to get most channels running OK, with LLK showing a persistent block ( image 1)
Changing back to Cone Color inks and three power cleans the LLK went pear shaped with the blockage in a different position and a second horizontal blockage.( image 2)
So, what is the likely reason(s) and where to from here? Damper change time? I have done the capping station and wiper blade to remove years of junk from them.
Regards, Mike


This persistent nozzle outage (even after Piezoflush) is most likely debris that lodged inside of the actual nozzle chamber . . .

I don’t think it’s going to come back . . . :frowning: