Blocked nozzle pattern moves position Epson 4880

Hi IJM people.
I have been trying to resurrect the camera club printer ( they got it second hand and have no idea about its previous maintenance)
With copious PZF I managed to get most channels running OK, with LLK showing a persistent block ( image 1)
Changing back to Cone Color inks and three power cleans the LLK went pear shaped with the blockage in a different position and a second horizontal blockage.( image 2)
So, what is the likely reason(s) and where to from here? Damper change time? I have done the capping station and wiper blade to remove years of junk from them.
Regards, Mike _MJL2861 _MJL2864

This persistent nozzle outage (even after Piezoflush) is most likely debris that lodged inside of the actual nozzle chamber . . .

I don’t think it’s going to come back . . . :frowning: