Blocked MK nozzle

About a week ago I installed my first Cone reusable cartridge [MK] on my Epson R3000 printer. It worked flawlessly, and I printed about two dozen Advanced Black and White prints. The in the middle of one print it stopped supplying ink, and the nozzle check indicated the absolutely no MK ink flowing.
I cleaned the printer using paper towel and Windex, pretty much as shown in the video. After I reconnected the printer none of the inks were printing.
I have not run a cleaning cycle since I am low on Magenta ink and was hoping I would be able to clear the nozzles with my cleaning routine, which by the way I have used successfully before, with excellent results.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks - christian

Dear Christian. Was their INK left in the MK cartridge?

Sometimes when these cartridges reset they just show as an error (not empty). It can be tempting to simply pull them out and put them back in without refilling them (topping them off) but then you run the risk of air in your lines.

Please check the MK cartridge.

Related to all the other colors dropping, this is much more of a problem and is not related to any one cartridge. Something may be wrong with the printer.


Thanks, Walker! Should I pull the MK cartridge, top it off and put it back in? That is, refill without vacuum?


I am running an R3000 and have had my share of heart burn associated with using one. My knowledge base for that printer has grown exponentially since aligning myself with IJM. All that being said, I am no expert in any sense of the word. My first thought after reading about your case was when was the last time the ink supply system was replaced? Have you been able to run the power ink to flush the lines? I have always had inks that fail to come up on nozzle checks following weekly head and ink/cap unit cleanings. I need to run at least four head–usually more than that-- cleanings before all lines are flowing equally. There have been times when I have run crying to IJM with a problem, only to find that with a more nuanced approach and careful observation of the printer and its output are doing am I able to resolve the problem on my own. I feel confident that you will be able to resolve this problem soon.__

Hi 369Slates, many heartfelt thanks for your response.What has me totally baffled is that I went from one ink [MK] not printing, to trying to clean the printheads by placing a 1.5x7 inch piece of paper towel with Windex under the printheads, leaving it overnight and then placing a double thickness piece of paper-towel/Windex under the printhead and moving the printhead back and forth several times, and ending up with no inks printing when I ran the nozzle check.
I had done this cleaning routine before, ending up with a well behaved and clean printer every time - so this is why this throws me.
Unfortunately, I am so low on Magenta ink that I can not run a cleaning cycle. Ironically when running a nozzle check, the Magenta ink is the only one that shows up.
I have attempted to print ‘single purge’ color blocks [] to no avail.
At this point, I am debating whether it makes sense to buy another cartridge of Magenta ink and run cleaning cycles or chuck the printer, which I would absolutely hate to do since I can’t afford a replacement at this time.
I do not quite understand what you mean by “…Have you been able to run the power ink to flush the lines? …”
If you have any further thoughts on this I certainly would love to hear them.

Again, many thanks! - christian