Black ink is not drying on glossy film

We have an Epson Stlus Pro 7890.
We are using this machine for film positives on glossy film.
It seems the black ink is not drying on the glossy film and smudges off.
We converted to all of the inkjet mall inks in Nov/Dec 2014.
We had used the Piezography Warm Neutral Shade 1 black in the PK cartridge.
It was continually clogging and heads and required constant cleaning.
We were sent 2 replacement cartridges. Selenium Shade 1 ink and Flush solvent.
Now we cannot get the black ink to dry.
We have cut back on the quality of the dpi from 1440 to 720.
We have cut the color density from 0 to -50.
We have increased the drying time from 10 to 50+.
It appears no matter what we do, we cannot get the ink to dry. It feels think on the film.
Any suggestions.
Contact Jake @ 516-377-0186.

This is curious, I tested the SEL1 on the film we always suggest using, Pictorico Ultra premium transparency OHC. I did not have this result, but did not test on any other types of film.
What kind of film are you using?

Are you sure you aren’t printing on the wrong side without the receptive layer?

I got a box of Pictorico recently and found they notched the identifying corner on the wrong side. Ink would pool and not dry. The wet sticky finger test led me to question the other side as the receptive layer, and it was. I wrote to Mitsubishi (Pictorico) and never heard a word as to why it was notched wrong based on the lot number I got. Factory screw-up.