Black Ink Change and Piezo Flush



I will soon be switching over to Piezography Pro inks from my existing ink set, with the intermediate step of using Piezo Flush to clear out the existing inks. My 4800 currently has the Matt Black cartridge installed.

I will be using the glossy Piezography Pro inks at the start, and want to keep the option open of possibly using the matt ink (with the required black ink change) in the future.

At what point should I do the black ink change procedure to change over to the Photo Black cartridge? Should I install Piezo Flush in the Photo Black cartridge, run the black ink change, and then install Piezo Flush in the rest of the cartridges and do the Initial Fill to swap out the rest of the inks?



You may wish to consider Piezography 2 for your 4800.


Thanks for the suggestion, Brian. I considered that, but I really would like to try out the Piezography Pro inks. Plus they have already arrived and I’m ready to install them.

I did a black ink exchange using PiezoFlush in a PK cartridge. Then I installed a complete set of cartridges with PiezoFlush and did an initial fill and one power clean. All seems to be fine so far, and I didn’t wast any of the pro inks, which is what I wanted to avoid.


Sorry, I missed the reference to Pro inks. Apologies. Note to self: read more carefully.