Black floaters in Piezo flush cart



I have one position on my Epson 9800 with one of your refillable carts filled with flush fluid. The cart is divided into several sections inside, in the center section I am seeing some black floating “Idon’tknowwhat”. I drained the cart to clean it out but no matter what I do it stays in the center section. It is probably OK but I am worried it will eventually get sucked into the line and damper and seems large enough to cause a blockage. It does seem to always settle on the bottom of the cart. Any other tricks to clean it out?


Hmmmm… do you mean there are black floating stuff in your PiezoFlush refill cart?! Was this cartridge previously used with ink, or was it brand new/unused when you filled it with PiezoFlush? Have you installed the cart into your printer yet, or did you just fill it for the first time and noticed black things floating around inside? I have occasionally seen a fleck or two of dirt in the plastic of refill carts, but not often and never enough to raise concern, though they are made in China, which doesn’t always have the cleanest manufacturing facilities… If you can send me a photo to better see and understand what you are seeing, this would be helpful.

Thanks- Dana


Is was brand new when I added the flush fluid, I did not notice it at first. Hope this photo is clear enough. This darn webforum will not let me attach a simple JPEG, I will e-mail it to you.


I got the photo, thanks. It looks like some debris may have got inside this cartridge during manufacturing (?)… since the chunks are floating, I think they will stay in the cartridge and not travel thru the exit channel and into the printer (and even if they did, they would be trapped by the damper screen and not make it to the print head), but I would be more comfortable with the chunks out of the cart/fluid… Tomorrow I will discuss this with Wells and ask him to send you a replacement cart and fresh bottle of PiezoFlush. I would like you to return the cartridge and flush (if you can pour it back into the bottle for safe shipping, otherwise discard it) to me at the address below.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

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Lets just replace the cart, don’t worry about the flush fluid. My plan in the next few weeks is to make that position my first K7 ink for my old carbon sepia Piezotones that are getting very low. So I will fill it up with K7 MK. I was concerned about it traveling into the damper either before or after I did this transition.


OK, what color position is this cartridge with floaters inside? Let me know and we’ll send you a new cartridge.


It was the LLK, will that ship out today?


Ok, thanks. Yes, the replacement LLK cart will ship today.
Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thank you.