Big trouble with flushing fluid/refillable cart on 7800



My 7800 no longer recognizes the yellow cart after trying to use piezo flush with refillable carts bought at inkjetmall.

Here’s what happened: I bought the flushing fluid and refillable carts for a 7800. I got a clean nozzle check with my already-installed Epson inks. Then I installed the refillable carts containing the flushing fluid. The printer didn’t recognize the yellow position; it said I needed to install the yellow cartridge, even though it was already installed.

Now, the printer will no longer recognize any yellow cartridge – including the original Epson one.

I spoke to Wells who asked me to send photos of the contact pins in the yellow position. He has those photos.

Also, on Wells’s suggestion, I looked closely at the chip on the refillable yellow cartridge. It felt rough to the touch on the front edge of the chip. As I was rubbing the chip with my thumb, the chip slipped out of position. I’ve sent him a photo of that chip, too.

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Hi Jessepesta~

Sorry for not responding quicker, I was nearly done typing you a message on Friday, then my computer froze and I lost everything I was working on, so am having to remember everything I had opened to re-do…

Wells forwarded me the photos you sent him. Based on the photos and your explanation, I can see some pins of the chip sensor in your yellow cartridge chamber are bent, which is causing them to not make contact and therefore not be able to read any cartridge in that position. The printer will not function until all 8 sensors are working correctly. The sensor only costs about $2, but is not quick/easy to access, so an Epson tech will replace the entire cartridge bay (which is more like $200). Depending on your technical skill and comfort level, you can follow the Epson repair manual to replace the bay, or even the sensor yourself for I’d guess less than 2 hours (if this is your first printer repair). This repair only requires a few basic screw drivers (magnetized tips are helpful), and some time/patience to read/follow the repair instructions (which include helpful and easy to follow photos). You can get the repair manual from, and replacement chip sensor online, I recommend

Refillable cartridge chips are secured with double sided tape in the rectangle chip area, and are generally attached well, but occasionally shift in shipping or are not tightly secured (which is why our cartridge instructions say to make sure the chip is attached straight/flat to each cartridge before filling/use).

I hope this helps, and I’m sorry you’ve experienced damage to your chip sensor.
Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: