Best way to align 3880?

Repairing my 3880 has been a bit of an adventure, both with learning more about how the printer function, as well as some associated issues. Such as the best way to align the print head.

I have used the “Auto Align” option from the printer menu, as well as the “Manual align” — when the Auto Align program runs, once it finishes, there is no feedback about the head alignment — so I’ve never been sure how well it works. When I ran the Manual option, I changed the selections for all 3 numbers - they were all 5 at before, and I changed the values to 6,7,7.
With the adjustment wizard program, the Check Alignment option instructions are a bit obscure — It says check printout for symptoms of misalignment — and if any are seen, run a cleaning cycle. I’m not certain if this part of the program is checking alignment or nozzle function. ANYWAY, does anyone have any information on what I should look for with the printout in terms of problems? Also, what do the numbers on the printout mean — see the scan of my printout — does this indicate that everything is in alignment (note that there is a lot of scanner artifact in this copy)?

The wizard program also has an option “Auto Bi-D Adjustment” which seems to be a more extensive auto alignment program. Should I run this option rather than the options from above or from the print menu?

Thanks for any information or insight you can provide.


Very curious what you find out. I have a condition on one 3880 where there is a “misregistration of dots” that shows up as a 3-5 pixel overlap at the trailing edge (end of travel) of the image area. This has gotten slightly better as I have done more prints and more head alignments.

Hi, does “end of travel’ mean travel left right or top bottom?
Have you tried manual alignment or the auto alignment?
I’m not quite certain what you are describing — could you post an image?

It is the last part printed before the paper is ejected. Just a few pixels that do not align, creating a slight blur and not a sharp border line. Have used both methods of alignment and, like you, do not know which is most effective.

In the image below you can see where the yellow stops, forming a vertical border, but there are magenta pixels continuing to print beyond that edge. Paper travel starts at the left, ends at the right. Since this image was made I would say the condition has gotten about 50% better, but still there. I am planning to continue to run a head alignment before printing and see if this problem disappears.

1_color_image_3880.tif (1.2 MB)