Best Practice for Switching Orange/Green inks in Epson 9900 to Piezoflush

Hello Everyone,

I am using Piezography Pro inks in my Epson 9900 printer. I run Windows in the studio, and the ink was already in the printer by the time I learned that the Windows version of QTR is unable to use the K5 profiles. I’ve been using the K4 profiles and have been pleased with the results.

Over time, my Orange and Green carts have been run down by nozzle checks and running periodic prints via the Epson driver just to keep things flowing and happy. This has worked out great, but my Orange and Green cartridges are now getting low and I would like to swap my flush carts in their place.

Am I ok to just swap the ink for the Piezoflush and let things go, or would it be better to run in init fill on the O/G color pair (I recall seeing this is possible somewhere in the Piezography documentation)? I already have a full set of flush carts and plenty of Piezoflush on hand - I’m wanting to do what’s best for the printer. I know Piezoflush is preferred for storage purposes, but am unsure if running an init fill is overkill, or might open the door to other problems with these delicate heads.