Best option? - plustek opticfilm 120 med. film scanner

I’m still trying to figure out what I will need to scan a large collection of 2 1/4 (120) B&W film negatives from the 1950’s and 60’s. I have several thousand to sort before selecting a set to scan for Piezo Carbon printing. Also some color that size and 35mm.

The best device option seems to be the Plustek opticfilm 120 medium format film scanner, within a budget. Flatbeds don’t seem to have the same ability to resolve the detail and tonal range. Though they seem to be available to buy, unlike any good dedicated mid-format units.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I recommend a good medium format digital camera if you have one.


Do you mean a copystand type arrangement, over a light table? That would introduce more optics, with DOF focus on the edges vs. center … I would think. I’ve tried it, but only with my 35mm eqiv. Sony A7RII. That’s how I am producing “contact sheets”–negs in clear sleeves with an ID# written on so I can actually find a negative once I’ve selected ones for proper scanning from the thousands.

The Sony shoots max of about 5304 pixels, so a 2 1/4 neg. will end up no better than 2200 dpi, assuming I could get focus across the view field. That isn’t even as good as my Epson V600 scanner can do, and I’m looking for a better device.

I don’t have a medium format camera and can’t afford one. I’m not a pro photographer, I’m an artist.

So back to my question - is the Plustek 120 the best $1000 - $2000 device for scanning 120 negs? They seem very hard to find actually for sale. There is a similar device from Pacific Image PrimeFilm 120 Pro, but it reviews as less capable than the Plustek in delivered dpi and Dmax.